 In this short span of only four academic years we have organized three concerts, one Annual sport day meet, an interschool G.K. competition, school has also participate in Euphoria 2014 at L.P.S. in different categories and won various prizes. We have also celebrated grandparents-day and organized many intra–school competition i.e. Elocution, Declamation, Show and Tell, Writing competition Debate, Extempore and Speeches. For the last two years we have also inducted Olympiad of Science, Math, English and Computers.

To sum up, we very ardently try and meet the needs and aspiration of all the three stake holders of our school i.e. The Students, Parents and Teachers.

  • The creative skills of students are tapped to their maximum potential so that they are able to express themselves and respond to the present day living experience.
  • Attainment of physical fitness has also to be in the fore–front which is taken care of through games and sports under the guidance and supervision of able and trained B.P. Ed. physical instructors.
  • Extracurricular activities are an integral part of our Curriculum.

Class wise list of Boys & Girls

S. No. Class No. Of Boys No. Of Girls Total Student
1. PG2714 41
2. LKG29 2453
3. UKG21 16 37
4. 12313 36
5. 2 231336
6. 3221234
7. 419827
8. 517623
9. 613922
11. 814721
. Total 232131363
. Total Strength 363